Silver Fingerprint Jewellery


This Collection includes a wide variety of designs and shapes using the actual Fingerprints of your loved ones and embedding them into a piece of Sterling Silver Jewellery.

There are two types of Fingerprint Jewellery: 

1) Actual Fingerprints taken into a Mould - This process involves mixing a two part compound (a bit like Play Doh !) and placing the finger into the compound that produces an exact replica print with all the unique lines.

2) Fingerprints taken from a Ink/Pencil Print - This process involves taking a print from an inked print or pencil print ( Once an order is placed I will send you a video demonstrating how to do this ... it really is very easy ) No kit is sent out as all you need to take the print is a piece of white paper, a pencil and some cellotape.

Taking the prints in easy and can be done in the comfort of your own home.  Once you have ordered the design you love, an Casting kit (for Mould Fingerprints) will be posted out to you with full instructions of how to take the perfect prints and return back to me at the studio in the SAE provided