About Us

Dinky Design Studio was founded in January 2010 by Kirsty Taylor-Flynn.  Since launching what was a hobby at the time has now become a hugely successful business both locally, Nationally and worldwide.

Working from her home studio on the outskirts of Sheffield (South Yorkshire), Kirsty produces a range of bespoke jewellery made in .999 Fine Solid Silver.  This jewellery really does capture those truly precious moments to create a beautiful keepsake for all time.

Below is a brief description of how the process works:

DINKY DIGITS (Fingerprint Jewellery) - This range of products involves taking a casting of your loved ones fingerprint in precious metal  Clay.  You can then choose which design/shape you would like for your finished piece of jewellery and add a name, age, date of birth or any other message you wish (Space permitting). Once the piece has been fired  and polished  you will have your own exclusive solid silver Dinky Digit.

DINKY HANDPRINTS/FOOTPRINTS/PAWPRINTS - This range of products enables us to capture handprints and footprints or Pawprints  in a piece of solid silver jewellery. This involves taking a inkless print of your childs hand/foot print using specialist wipes and paper (the same process is involved for our four legged friend’s . We then reduce the size of the print and make a bespoke rubber stamp which we use to imprint in the precious metal clay.  Any inscriptions are then added at this stage.   Once fired and polished you will have your own exclusive Dinky Handprint/Footprint/Pawprint (or both if you wish). 

DINKY DOODLES - This range of products is especially suited to capturing the first drawings/writing of your child in solid silver . All we need is your one off piece of artwork/scripture either posting or emailing to us here at DinkyDesignStudio@hotmail.com  . We will then reduce the size of the artwork and make a bespoke rubber stamp which we use to imprint into the precious metal clay. Once this has been fired and polished you will have your very own Solid Silver Dinky Doodle :-)

Please do not hesitate to contact us here at Dinky Design Studio if you have any further questions or queries.